Lionel Hutz aka Me.

December 13, 2005


Thanks to everyone for commenting - sorry but I didnt realise I had put some sort of pre-moderation on, and after having a pop at five live for putting me on pre-mod as well - oh the hypocrisy!!!

I think thats removed now so I should be able to see comments from now on - I actually thought no-one had bothered looking - I didnt know there was a list of comments waiting for publication!

Anyway whats happening in my life? The most important thing thats happened recently is my son being rushed to hospital with an asthma attack - everything is ok now but (and I know its a cliche) it makes you think about your priorities when you get a scare like that!

I have been doing a lot of research about asthma and allergies since it happened and its weird - it makes you wonder exactly what we are doing to ourselves - why are these things increasing so rapidly, what is going on?

I have a lot more to say about asthma, the nhs and allergies as well as boring everyone with how great and beautiful my kids are - but that will have to wait till next time.

December 06, 2005

Hello World

I have been inspired to start this blog by the fine people I have met via five live messageboards who also post here - so a mention for my fave internet people Six years Late, MandN,David citizen of the world and Lena aka Kate.

So what shall I say?

To be honest I dont know yet, but I think I'll try and find something interesting or at least slightly amusing to comment on.

I'll start with decrying the awful standard of moderating on the five live boards that have led me here seeking a new outlet for my internet ramblings! I have been moderated out of existence, they have even managed to ban me at IP level!

It seems that I can be banned but other users can change id's/usernames at will and post inane racist ramblings incessantly without censure!

I think I might become one of those people who do nothing but moan about the bbc all the time!

Still, its not worth crying about I suppose - here endeth the first lesson.